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Let's talk about Svelte baby!

Date: 07 October 2020
Reading time: 2 mins

MMT Tech Meet-up September 2020 featuring SvelteJS

The MMT Tech Meet-up in September 2020 was all about SvelteJS, and I’ve summarised below a quick recap of the event. 

MMT Tech Meet-up

Ilesh Mistry presenting at the MMT Tech Meet-up

Firstly I would like to quickly talk about what the MMT Tech Meet-up is and what we focus on. 

The MMT Tech Meet-up was originally an in-person meet-up organised and arranged by myself 👋. I saw an opportunity where the company I work for MMT Digital could host meet-ups in London (UK) and talk about topics that are front end specific. 

I’ve arranged many MMT Tech Meet-ups in London, but since the pandemic, I have switched the focus on hosting these events online.

The first online meet-up was in August, which was all about GatsbyJS 🎥.

I am always looking out for future meet-ups speakers and if you’re interested, just drop me a message. 

Recap of MMT Tech Meet-up featuring SvelteJS

September’s MMT Tech Meet-up we talked all about SvelteJS. There were some amazing talks covering different aspects of SvelteJS and how it could be used. 

Getting started with SvelteJS

First up, we had myself talking about how you can get started with SvelteJS. I talked about how I started off using it and the steps you could take if you were beginning to work with the JavaScript web application development framework. 

Other areas I focused on where to do with the SvelteJS Examples, API, and Tutorial. Also, how SvelteJS compares with other JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS and VueJS

I also talked about how you can source data from a Headless CMS called Kentico Kontent

Looking into the SvelteJS compiler

Second up, we had Tan Li Hau presenting in the early hours (2 am from Singapore👏) about how the SvelteJS compiler works and the different elements that are considered for the compiler to interpret items from the code. 

This was an excellent presentation on why Tan Li Hau is one of the top SvelteJS maintainers and his knowledge of how it all works under the hood. 

Sapper blog with must-have features

Presenting third was Markus Hatvan and his journey of how he built a Sapper blog with must-have features. 

Markus went into some of the important aspects of building a blog and he also talked about the advantages and disadvantages. 

He also showed how preloading items in the navigation that can help with speedy loading of pages and how fast SvelteJS can perform. 

Sapper JAMstack

Shriji Kondan presented the last talk of the meet-up. He focused on Sapper and how it can be used to create a blog where the data source comes from Trello.

His talk talked about JAMstack and how it is useful for everyone. Using Trello was an example of how it could be used in that manner. 

One of the many useful points from Shriji, he mentioned how we don’t need to use as much code for SvelteJS development and how it would be essential when building on smaller devices with low memory, data, and resources such as a RaspberryPI

Recording of MMT Tech Meet-up featuring SvelteJS

So this concludes my recap of the MMT Tech Meet-up featuring SvelteJS, if you’re interested, the recording is on YouTube.

MMT Tech Meet-up featuring SvelteJS agenda 

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